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In the fast-paced world of travel and tourism, payment processing plays a critical role in ensuring seamless transactions for businesses and customers alike. As a travel merchant, understanding what goes on in the mind of your acquirer is essential for building strong partnerships and optimising your payment processes. Let’s explore the key factors to consider when it comes to travel payments.

Net Worth and Cashflow

A strong net worth demonstrates your ability to meet financial obligations and assures the acquirer of your long-term viability. By maintaining healthy financial statements and consistently growing your net worth, you can instil confidence in your acquirer and strengthen your business relationship. Additionally, stable cashflow is crucial for any business, and the travel industry is no exception. Demonstrating a reliable cashflow management strategy through accurate financial forecasting and prudent financial practices will significantly increase your chances of securing favourable payment processing terms.


Many acquirers require travel merchants to maintain bonding or financial safeguards to protect against potential risks and ensure customer refunds in the event of business disruptions. By providing proof of bonding or other financial security measures, you can build trust with your acquirer and instil confidence in your ability to handle unforeseen circumstances.

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Testimonials and Reputation

Positive reviews, testimonials, and partnerships with well-established industry players can be influential in shaping the acquirer’s perception of your business. Continuously nurturing positive relationships and maintaining a strong presence within the travel community can be advantageous when it comes to acquiring payment processing services.


Acquirers want to ensure that your customers are protected and have a positive experience when making travel bookings. Offering robust consumer protection measures, such as comprehensive travel insurances or guarantees, can be an attractive proposition for acquirers. Having these safeguards in place demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and mitigates potential risks for the acquirer.

Refund and Credit Policies

Clearly outlining your refund and credit policies, including any limitations or restrictions, helps acquirers understand how you handle customer disputes and protects both parties involved. A fair and consistent approach to refunds and credits enhances your reputation and strengthens your position as a reliable travel merchant.

Deferment Periods

Acquirers may assess the deferment periods you offer to suppliers. The length of time you hold onto customer payments before remitting funds to suppliers can impact your relationship with both parties. Balancing the needs of your suppliers with the financial interests of your business is crucial. Demonstrating a well-defined deferment strategy that supports the interests of all stakeholders can help establish trust and credibility with your acquirer.


Maintaining strong relationships with reputable suppliers and negotiating favourable payment terms can positively influence the perception of your business by the acquirer.

Management Accounts

Providing detailed and up-to-date management accounts gives acquirers insight into the financial health and performance of your travel business. These accounts help acquirers evaluate your profitability, liquidity, and overall financial management. Ensuring that your management accounts are accurate, organised, and readily available will significantly expedite the payment processing evaluation process.

Terms of Supplier Payments and Final Payment Requirements

Timely and reliable supplier payments are vital to maintaining positive relationships and ensuring smooth operations. Additionally, acquirers will scrutinise the final payment requirements from customers, such as the time from deposit to full payment. A well-defined and transparent payment schedule reassures acquirers of your commitment to meeting financial obligations promptly.

Understanding the factors that acquirers consider when evaluating travel businesses is essential for streamlining your payment processes and building fruitful partnerships. By focusing on factors such as net worth, cashflow, bonding, consumer protection, and supplier relationships, you can optimise your payment processing strategies, foster trust with your acquirer, and position your travel business for long-term success in a highly competitive industry.

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