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In the dynamic landscape of payment options, recurring payments stand out as a streamlined and hassle-free choice that not only reduces costs but also strengthens consumer relationships. While some smaller businesses may have hesitated to offer recurring payments in the past, Axcess is here to prove that it's no longer an issue.

In fact, with the rising popularity of subscription services like Netflix and Amazon, recurring payments are more in demand than ever, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. By harnessing the power of Axcess' recurring payment solution, your business can reap the benefits, increasing customer satisfaction and retention along the way.

Let's dive into how recurring payments can work wonders for you and your business:

Boost Your Revenue

One of the most notable advantages of recurring payments is the substantial increase in revenue. By enabling recurring payments, you not only prevent late payments but also eliminate the costs associated with manual billing and postage, resulting in a more predictable cash flow. Regardless of your industry, offering consumers the option to commit to regular fees on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis accelerates your revenue while reducing expenses. With automatic billing, merchants can collect payments immediately, without the need to chase after customers.

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Embrace Convenience in 2024

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key to winning over customers. By incorporating recurring payments, consumers agree to be billed regularly, reducing the need for payment follow-ups and customer outreach. Moreover, with Axcess Merchant Services' recurring payment options, you can provide consumers with an intuitive interface that allows them to:

  • Schedule recurring payments.
  • Make payments one at a time.
  • View billing and payment history.
  • Schedule proactive notifications. 

Consumers are also notified in advance when their credit or debit card is set to expire before the payment date, ensuring more reliable payments. Furthermore, they are granted login access to manage multiple billing accounts, funding methods, and payment schedules. By offering this convenient recurring payment option, you foster customer loyalty, commitment, and ultimately increase revenue.

Cultivate Cost-Effective Consumer Relationships

Recurring payments play a crucial role in building cost-effective consumer relationships. Through our user-friendly mobile and web interface, we provide a robust and repeatable consumer touchpoint, allowing users to create profiles with unique usernames and passwords. The online portal accepts both card and ACH payments, reducing call centre volume and encouraging consumers to manage their payments independently. With Axcess' recurring payment solution, you have the flexibility to tailor options that best suit your business needs, including:

  • Your preferred funding types.
  • Whether to charge fees to consumers.
  • Whether to accept post-dated payments.
  • Payment date, frequency, and payment amount options for recurring payment schedules.

Enhanced Accuracy for Seamless Payments

When it comes to payments, accuracy is paramount. Axcess' recurring payment options ensure the most up-to-date information with daily updates that include due dates, amounts due, minimum amounts, late fees, and previously scheduled payments.

How Axcess Can Assist You

At Axcess, we are committed to helping merchants streamline their recurring billing processes, ensuring optimal transaction timing for greater success rates and ultimately more revenue.

Get in touch with us today to discover how Axcess can be the catalyst for enhancing your payment experience and business success.