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Are you a Professional Advisor?

  • An Accountant
  • Insurance Broker
  • Financial Consultant
  • Legal Services Provider or Business Strategist

Are you looking for a way to re-enforce your position in your client relationships?

Are you seeking new straight to bottom line income opportunities?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above, you should explore the benefits of Partnering with us as an introducer.

Consider -  e-commerce has become a  core channel for consumers. It represents over 1 in 4 purchases with a weekly value in excess of £2 billion it is a huge market for all business owners and a substantial opportunity for you as a trusted advisor to your own select group of business owning clients within this huge and ever growing market place,

if you have 100 clients who on average transact  annual e-commerce sales of £250,000 you have privileged key advisor access to guide payment services provision on annual sales of £25 million and the opportunity to;

  • save your clients money
  • solve their problems if their current bank loses its appetite for their business sector or they face problems due to high charge back numbers
  • introduce them to new and improved payment service options
    • Alternative payment methods such as Apple & Google Pay, Pay by Link, QR  and many more,
    • BNPL facilities
    • Recurring payment & subscription options
    • Crypto

All whilst adding a 5 digit enhancement to your bottom line profit.

A Partner relationship with us will empower you with the ability to leverage our expertise to provide your clients with valuable guidance on their options and opportunities to review and optimize their payment processing strategies and reduce transaction costs; to deliver bespoke, best in class, merchant services to your clients that will deliver a host of benefits and opportunities to grow revenue within your existing trusted advisor relationships.

Payment services are to businesses as breathing is to their owners. They are a must have, not a nice to have, business facility.

But once established, as with breathing, they become a subconscious activity that business owners often don’t consider or further value. Very often payment services only resurface as a front of mind concern if they fail or falter and present a clear and present issue and danger to business continuity that requires an immediate remedy. 

They are however also an immediate opportunity, one that does not require initiation by the client or customer, one that allows you as a trusted advisor to instigate the call to action.

Consider, Your clients will automatically review their motor, home and business insurances every year to ensure they have the best deal and most advantageous coverage. But most will not consider a review of their merchant services continuing value and fit within their business needs.

A Partnership with us opens opportunity to add value to your client and increases your revenue

By partnering with us you will gain the ability to provide ten additional business advantages;

  1. Competitive Advantage: By gaining the ability to introduce a comprehensive package of financial services, including payment processing solutions, our Partners differentiate themselves from competitors and attract more clients.
  2. Revenue Growth: Efficient payment processing leads to increased sales and revenue. In your role as trusted advisor and service provider collaboration with us to identify opportunities for expanding e-commerce to include facilities such as mobile payments, pay by link, multi-currency acceptance, multiple acquirer bank connectivity can help your clients’ attract new customers and boost sales
  3. Cost Savings for your clients’: Merchant services providers offer differing rates and fee structures for payment processing. By partnering with us you can both assist new clients to secure the best possible payments solution and initiate annual price and service review as part of your service package to help your clients and give surety that the service they receive still matches their evolving requirements. Partnering with us means that one time integration by a client opens the door to over 390 acquiring options and possibilities to save money on payment processing fees, quite possibly introducing new services and ideas to significantly have positive impact your clients’ bottom-line income without physical change in their P&L activities.
  4. Specialist Expertise and Guidance: We empower our Partners with the ability to add Merchant Services to their offering bringing access to payment processing, including credit card payments, online transactions, and point-of-sale solutions.
  5. Tailored Solutions: We work with our Partners in their role of professional advisors to design customized payment processing solutions that align with a client's specific business needs and goals. This tailored approach can enhance the client's overall financial strategy and generate new billing opportunities and income for the Partner
  6. Risk Management: Advisors can work with merchant services providers to assess and manage payment-related risks, such as chargebacks and fraud. This can help clients mitigate potential losses and protect their financial interests.
  7. Compliance and Security: Payment processing is subject to wide ranging regulations and security requirements, such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). We are well-versed in compliance and security measures, helping clients avoid legal issues and data breaches.
  8. Technology Integration: We provide integrated payment solutions that can streamline a business's operations. We can help you and your clients’ identify and implement the right technology solutions to improve efficiency and customer experience.
  9. Value-Added Services: We offer value-added services such as analytics, reporting, and customer insights. Our Partner Advisors can leverage these services to provide clients with data-driven recommendations for improving their business operations.
  10. Long-Term Relationships: Partnership provides a tool kit to deepen the advisor-client relationship by demonstrating a commitment to the client's financial success. This leads to long-term client retention, differentiates your value relationship from that of competitors and facilitates the generation of recurring revenue building opportunities.

The bottom line

Partnering with us allows professional advisors, web developers and consultants to enhance the value they provide to their clients and grow their bottom line profit by adding to their service portfolios optimization of payment processing solutions that deliver value to their clients by reducing costs, ensuring compliance, resolving problems whilst driving revenue growth for both the clients’ and within their own activities.

Partnership with Axcess opens the way to stronger client relationships, re-enforcement of your position as a key and trusted advisor and a clear win- win benefit to both you and your clients.

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