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  • Multi-Layered Fraud Solution: ReDShield combines Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Customer Profiling techniques, and shared data to provide a comprehensive fraud prevention solution.
  • Machine Learning Enhanced Security: The machine learning feature detects fraudulent patterns and analyses large data sets to identify potential fraud, enhancing transaction security and reducing false positives.
  • Positive Profiling for Conversion and Fraud Identification: Positive profiling leverages global merchant data to deliver a 360-degree view of transactions, distinguishing between good and potentially fraudulent customers.
  • Customisable Rule Sets: ReDShield offers an unlimited range of rule sets, from basic accept/deny rules to highly sophisticated configurations, allowing businesses to tailor their fraud prevention strategies.
  • Response Flexibility: Businesses can define responses for each rule – accept, deny, challenge, or observe – ensuring transactions are managed efficiently and securely.
  • Industry-Tailored Rules: ReDShield provides industry-specific rules, designed to address the intricacies of CFD and Forex trading, enabling businesses to detect various types of fraud effectively.