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Telephone & Billing Solutions

Enhance your payment possibilities with Axcess' dependable Telephone & Billing Solutions. Gain access to a comprehensive payment solution that goes beyond eCommerce, opening up new transaction opportunities. While eCommerce is crucial, our services extend beyond online card processing. With Axcess you can open new avenues for payments.

The user-friendly interface and quick integration make it convenient for various business types, including call centres and remote locations. Customised access controls enhance security and efficiency within your organisation. Whether you're a small business or a larger enterprise, our services are adaptable to your unique needs, and our robust security measures ensure the safety of all transactions.

Point Of Sales Solutions

✓ Multi-Payment Method Approach: While eCommerce remains vital, our services extend beyond online card processing. Our Telephone & Virtual Terminal Facilities open new avenues for payment, such as MO/TO (Mail Order / Telephone Order) payments, enhancing transaction numbers and customer satisfaction.

✓ Versatile Payment Options: Our user-friendly solution allows swift integration, enabling merchants to start using our services promptly without complex setup requirements. This approach is particularly useful for call centres and remote locations, ensuring secure and confidential payment processing.

✓ Customised Access: We offer multi-level access options tailored to employee roles, guaranteeing security and efficiency. This includes functions like payment processing, refunds, back-office tools, and reporting.

✓ Adaptable for All: Our services cater to diverse business models. Smaller companies benefit from the MO/TO service to accept orders from external marketing and person-to-person interactions. Payment processes can be customised to match transaction risk levels, providing flexibility.

✓ Security Measures: We prioritise security in MO/TO transactions with comprehensive risk checks and settings, safeguarding businesses during chip and pin or 3D secure checks.




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