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Travel Payment Processing

We understand the complexities of the travel supply chain.

We recognise that different travel businesses have unique business models and require a bespoke approach. Our merchant services are specifically designed to cater to the needs of various travel entities, including online travel agencies, airlines, travel marketplaces, hotel chains, car rental companies, rail, coach, ferry, and cruise operators.

Here are ten of the key challenges travel merchants face and our answers to them.

1. Seasonal Demand Variations - The travel industry experiences significant fluctuations in demand based on seasons, holidays, and events. Merchants in this sector need to be prepared to handle surges in traffic during peak booking periods and maintain profitability during off-peak times. Our specialist travel experts assist in designing solutions that factor the fluctuations and provide the best possible solutions.

2. Complex Pricing Structures - Travel services often involve complex pricing models, including dynamic pricing, package deals, and add-on services. Managing these pricing structures and ensuring accurate pricing and availability information online can be challenging. Our sector experts analyse current pricing and deliver the best possible rating taking into account the payment mix, countries of origin of card payments, types of card accepted and the advantages of alternative payment methods.

3. Data Security and Privacy - Handling sensitive customer information such as passport details, payment information, and travel itineraries requires robust data security measures. Merchants must comply with strict data protection regulations and safeguard customer data. Our compliance experts, working with our partners, the Trust My Group, are true experts in travel compliance and data security.

4. Global Payment Processing - Travel merchants must support various payment methods and currencies to accommodate customers from around the world. Managing payment processing across borders can be complicated due to currency conversion, international transaction fees, and compliance with payment regulations. Our specialist travel team has access to a worldwide network of over 390 bank partnerships and multiple PCI level 1 payment gateways – we are experts in multi-currency, multi bank & multi-gateway provisioning, designed to ensure maximum payment acceptance, maximum uptime and minimum cost.

5. Mobile Optimisation - Many travellers book their trips on mobile devices, so travel e-commerce platforms must be optimised for a seamless mobile experience. This includes responsive web design, mobile apps, and user-friendly interfaces. Our experts in optimisation of services will support and guide through the options and processes to deliver the very best service delivery.

6. Inventory & Risk Management - Tracking and managing hotel rooms, airline seats, rental cars, and other travel inventory can be complex. Merchants must ensure that their e-commerce systems accurately reflect real-time availability and prevent overbooking. Equally important is making sure that your customers bookings are secure and protected. Our unique partnership with the Trust My Group allows you to remove risk and lighten the burden of regulatory compliance and safeguarding the journey from booking to experience for the entire travel value chain.

7. Integration with Third-Party Systems - Travel merchants often rely on various third-party systems and services, including global distribution systems (GDS), airline booking systems, and hotel reservation systems. Integrating these systems with their e-commerce platform can be challenging. Again, our on boarding and integration experts working with Trust My Group have the solutions at their fingertips.

8. Customer Support and Communication - Providing excellent customer support, especially during travel disruptions or emergencies, is crucial for travel merchants. E-commerce platforms need to facilitate easy communication between customers and support teams. Customer support, powered by exceptional market knowledge is our key USP.

9. Regulatory Compliance - The travel industry is subject to numerous regulations and industry standards, such as the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations. Compliance with these rules is essential. Working with the Trust My Group we are approved by ABTA, Members of ETOA and experts in Regulatory Compliance.

10. Supply Chain Disruptions - Events like natural disasters, political unrest, or global health crises can disrupt travel supply chains. Merchants need to be prepared to handle cancellations, refunds, and customer enquiries during such disruptions. Our partnership with Trust My Group provides our merchants access to market leading protections against Airline and supplier financial failure and approved solutions to compliance with UK and EU Packaged Travel Regulations Packaged Travel Protection legislative demands.

Travel merchants need robust e-commerce solutions that successfully address these and many more challenges, requiring a combination of technological innovation, regulatory compliance, customer-centric strategies, and adaptability to changing market conditions. Merchants need to stay agile in their approach to meet the evolving needs of travellers and market demands.

Axcess Ticks Every Box

Start your journey with Axcess Merchant Services and secure the very best solution to your needs in four simple steps;

1. Contact us to arrange a no obligation fact finding conversation.

2. Our payment experts will initiate a conversation with you to gather information about your needs and understand your business. Once we understand exactly what you require, we will send you;

3. Our proposal. Your named personal contact will then answer your questions that arise from it - so that you are both sure that the proposal answered all your wishes and we are delivering the very best solutions to the needs of your business.

4. When you are happy that we have offered the services you need (and more), we will make a formal offer.

Your dedicated UK-based account manager will guide you through the process step by step to the perfect solution.