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Unlock the Future of CBD Commerce with Axcess Merchant Services

Step into the thriving world of CBD commerce with a partner that speaks the language of innovation and reliability. As the CBD sector flourishes, its potential is magnified by a growing array of eCommerce CBD shops adorned with a diverse spectrum of products. Yet, the path to prosperity in this dynamic arena is fraught with challenges, courtesy of the stringent regulations that envelop CBD products. In the realm of high risk, Axcess emerges as a guiding light, crafting steadfast solutions that pave the way for seamless CBD payment processing. If you're seeking to not only reduce costs but also navigate the intricate intricacies of rolling reserves and broaden your product horizons, our expertise is your passport to success.

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Why Choose Axcess Merchant Services for Your CBD Payments?

Elevate Your CBD Commerce with Axcess Merchant Services with;

  • 179 Processing Currencies: As the CBD industry's vibrant horizons beckon, access to 179 currencies becomes your passport to effortless expansion into new markets, while curbing the weight of currency conversion rates.
  • A Dedicated Account Manager: Embark on a transformational journey with a dedicated team of CBD commerce virtuosos at your side. Traverse the terrain of transition and implementation, where every step is guided by tailored solutions fostering growth, cost reduction, and the fortification of secure services.
  • Lower Costs: Our intricate network of 391 banks forms a global safety net, weaving the fabric of the best possible deals. Your voyage through the CBD cosmos becomes an economical venture without compromise.
  • Shopping Cart Integrations: Seamlessly blend your CBD offerings into the e-commerce landscape, with flawless integrations with renowned shopping carts like WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Multiple Banks Connected: Embrace the undulating currents of change with poise. Our gateway's multi-bank connectivity grants resilience against the ever-shifting tides of the market, ensuring your CBD business remains steadfast.
  • Fraud Protection: In the dynamic realm of CBD, protection is paramount. Our arsenal of cutting-edge fraud prevention tools, industry wisdom, and deep understanding erect a robust shield against potential threats.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: Enhance the rhythm of customer interaction by harmonising with their preferred beats. Offer an orchestra of payment methods to amplify conversion rates, forging a symphony of trust.
  • Maximise Successful Transactions: In a blink, thousands of transactions cascade through our high-capacity system, guaranteeing no CBD payment transaction goes unheard or unseen.
  • Industry Knowledge: Entrust your CBD dreams to a team well-versed in the dance of complexities. With decades of experience, our experts curate bespoke solutions tailored to your CBD payment needs, fostering a partnership that echoes the heartbeat of your industry.

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Embrace the CBD Journey with Axcess Merchant Services: Your Path to Seamless CBD Payments

Ready to embark on a CBD-powered voyage?

If you're searching for a higher risk merchant account tailored to your CBD enterprise, reach out to us through our dedicated contact page. Following a preliminary discussion with our seasoned payment experts, Axcess will kindly request the customary KYC and KYB documentation, ensuring a swift launch of your CBD venture. Guided by your adept UK-based account manager, you'll navigate this process with ease, step by step.

For a deeper dive into CBD payment possibilities, connect with our committed team. to unlock reliable and tailor-made CBD payment solutions, empowering your business to blossom.

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