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MO TO Payments

MO/TO Payments - Offering Mail Order / Telephone Order and Virtual Terminal payment options to expand transaction possibilities beyond online debit and credit card processing.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer Experience - Providing opportunities to improve customer experience by offering secure telephone payment facilities, especially during browser issues or uncertainties in online transactions.

User Friendly Solution

User-Friendly Solution - Axcess' solution requires no integration and allows merchants to go live the same day. A generated URL, username, and password are all that's needed.

Secure Payment Processing

Secure Payment Processing - Ensuring secure payment processing with confidentiality, particularly beneficial for call centres and remote locations.

MO TO Payments

Versatility for Business Models: Suitable for call centres, remote locations, and smaller companies without major websites, allowing them to accept orders from various sources.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customisable Payment Process: Adapting the payment process to the risk type of the transaction, collecting necessary information like CVV, address details, email, and phone numbers for higher approval.

Security Measures

Security Measures: Offering risk checks and settings, ensuring security during chip and pin or 3D secure checks to protect businesses.

Recurring Billing and More

Tailored Solutions: Providing tailored payment structures based on the merchant's specific needs, from basic to comprehensive, to effectively safeguard interests.